Skin Treatments

Artful Awakenings Chemical Peels


A Chemical Peel by Artful Awakenings is a type of treatment that rejuvenates aging skin by creating a controlled burn of the skin. As the skin heals it becomes more youthful in appearance and structure as new collagen (protein of the skin) is produced. The two most common chemicals used to achieve significant results are phenol and TCA (trichloroacetic acid). A full-face chemical peel takes takes one to two hours and is done as an out-patient procedure.

Phenol chemical peels will require longer patient observation. A TCA peel is a less aggressive peel with much less recovery time depending on the depth of the treatment. The results can be tailored to meet individual needs from subtle to dramatic. Trichloroacetic Acid Peels are temporary unless done with higher strengths chemicals.

A Phenol Peel is a very aggressive peel that creates amazing transformations of the skin. It has a prolonged recovery time of about 4 weeks. It may produce bleaching of the skin, but its ability to obliterate wrinkles is unparalleled. Phenol peels are more permanent, although new wrinkles may appear as skin ages, especially with excessive sun exposure.

Improves texture, tone and pore size

Erases unwanted brown spots

Smoothes wrinkles

Smoothes acne scars

Treatment of melasma (mask of pregnancy)

Rejuvenates your face and hands

Minimal downtime

Safe and Effective