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Arm Lift

An arm tuck, also known as brachioplasty, is a body surgical procedure to remove excess skin from the upper arm near the armpits down to the elbow. If you are bothered by loose skin on your upper arms this procedure may be for you. Patients who present with upper arm excess often complain of feeling like they have “bat wings”. Most often these patients had been overweight and have lost a significant amount of weight leading to a deflation of the upper arm. In a few patients, the skin of the upper arm will contract back to its original size, like a balloon that has been blown up for a short time and after the air is let out of it, it goes back to its original size, a small tight balloon.

Unfortunately, upper arm skin most often will not contract after massive weight loss and will act like a balloon that has been over inflated for a long time leading to a loose balloon that hangs after deflation. Most people who have upper arm excess are embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothing and are bothered by the inability to find clothes that fit both their torsos and their arms.

The best candidates for an arm lift are those who are troubled by loose skin and tissue on the arms. The upper arm is quick to show signs of aging. For a sleeker look, excess skin in the upper arm area near the armpits down to the elbow can be reduced during this procedure. Results are long-lasting and should make it possible to wear sleeveless clothing with confidence.

Dr. Filiberto will discuss the benefits and potential risks based on your individual case, medical history, and evaluation. The arm lift procedure involves the removal of excess skin and tissue that may hang from the upper arms.

Candidates for an arm lift surgery should be highly motivated to improve their physique. The best results are achieved with healthy patients who are at a stable body weight. It is also recommended that patients be non-smokers who are realistic about the expected outcome.

Upper arm lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgery usually takes two to three hours. Stitches are usually internal and absorbable.  The skin is covered with medical-grade glue. The smoother contour that results from Brachioplasty is apparent immediately following your procedure, although initially it may be obscured by the swelling and bruising. You will need to use compression garments for additional contouring and healing.

The procedure will leave noticeable, permanent scars, which may take months to years to become less noticeable. (Poor healing, wider scars, are more common in smokers).

Brachioplasty After Surgery

Following surgery, your arms should be elevated for 1 to 3 weeks. You will be required to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling.  You may feel some pain for the first few days, especially when you cough or move around. Dr. Filiberto will prescribe pain medication. Instructions on showering and dressing will be given to you. Your arms may still ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. Avoid lifting or pushing heavy objects for the first month. Most patients can return to work (if it’s not too strenuous) and social activities in about two weeks.

You will return to the office twenty-four hours after surgery for your first post-operative appointment.  Ten days after the surgery you will return again to our office to check on the progress of your healing and have your sutures removed. Under normal circumstances, you will have your two to three more post-operative checkups in the next several months to confirm that all is well and to evaluate the early results of your transformation. Dr. Filiberto will see you more frequently during the healing period should you or he deem it necessary. Surgical wounds mature during the twelve months following surgery, so expect your new look to refine itself over time.

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