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At Artful Awakenings Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa we understand the importance of a person’s body image and self-concept. We want all our patients to feel good about themselves and their decisions regarding cosmetic surgery. We also feel a serious responsibility to assist our patients in this sometimes difficult decision making process.


Here at Artful Awakenings Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa, we pride ourselves on making you look as young as you feel. It is our personal goal to guide our patients toward a better quality of life. Living in an ever-changing world our individual needs are unique and of utmost importance. Our center is a peaceful oasis in which stress disappears and inner balance is allowed to flourish.


By staying informed of the latest health and beauty industry. We remain updated in our education and strive toward the latest technologies. By getting back to the basics, we will assist you in strengthening your individual persona. Surrounding ourselves with positive energies will be the first step into finding the true beauty within.


We look forward to meeting you and to providing you with all the necessary information you require to make an intelligent and informed decision that is right for you​

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